John Park Art is available for consulting on art design, creation, and project management.

Beautify Earth

John Park Art manages mural campaigns and logistics across the country for Beautify Earth, a company that manages public art programs for cities and corporations for the beautification of communities and businesses nationwide.

Our consultation with Beautify Earth begins with understanding the client’s desired art, style, message and spaces available for applying murals. We take that information and identify artists within the client’s community that have the technical skills and can fulfill the client’s creative vision. Once a client selects an artist from our search, we are the project managers for that mural application from start to finish, managing design approval, building access, schedules, and communication with and between the client, building owner, artist, and Beautify Earth.

Recent clients have included Target, Walgreens, Barco Uniforms, No Kid Hungry, Cadillac, and 60 Second Docs.